Thursday, November 26, 2009

Day Four

Day Four
I know you're probably getting tired of this and so am I but once again I was woken by Andrew vigorously shaking me backwards and forwards. I as a little groggy but I managed to get up and take a look around, we were still at the top of the mountain and in the Machu Picchu but all the girls were missing. We had a quick look around and were about to give up when Leon yells that he found something so we rush over and hes pointing at a hidden entrance to a temple behind some ferns. We looked inside and realized that somehow they had mutated into different things Morgan was a Pegasus and Maddy and Leah now have wings.
As we moved in to the temple I heard a yell from Andrew so I looked behind me and there was James and Emma its just that James was a big swamp monster (a weffler) and Emma was limp in his arms.

As we walked out to greet them I saw something glinting silver near the back of the temple. I quickly ran in and snatched up so that no one would notice my absence. I took a look at it once I was out with the others and it was one of those watches that Andrew, Grayson and Leon had found in the cave. I put it on but decided to wait till it was needed before I turned silver surfer.
After a few "hello's" and "how's it going?" James declares that Emma was sick and we needed to do anything we could to help her get back to full health. So Mac used both his and Sam's death skulls to try and bring her back to health. After a while Emma said she felt a little better but still wasnt 100 percent. We looked around for a while to try and find anything that could be used to help her recover. Unfolrtunatly our searches were fruitless.
We were going to travel down the mountain that day anyway but with Emma sick we needed to find something to help her quick.
After a while of silently trudging down the side of the mountain we stumbled accross a beatiful fresh water spring with a waterfall. We gave Emma some of the water from the spring and it healed her completely but she needed some rest so we decided to stay there for the night. We all had a good swim
under the crystal clear waterfall and a wash after everyone was out.
It was still only afternoon but we had nothing to do and we were all so tired so we just lazed around in the sun and some of us had a quick sleep.

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