Monday, November 16, 2009

Day Two

Day 2
When I woke up I was still extremely tired and stiff from lying on the ground all night but I couldn't just sit around and do nothing. I had to get some food and start trying to make a fire. Once everyone was feed I realised that something was wrong with Andrew. He had strange suckers down his arms and had a octopi tentacle for a leg and I realized that he must have been mutated from sitting in uranium water for hours on end with a broken leg. this came as quite a shock to me seeing as i've never seen a half octopus half human before ever.
After a good breakfast of leftover lunch from yesterday we gathered our packs and headed off into the bush to go exploring. As we recklessly hacked our way through the jungle with our machetes Grayson in the front me second Sam third Andrew fourth and Leon last. After hacking through some hard dead lianas for a while we came across a group of alive soft one that we at least three times as easy to cut through than the dead ones, so after choosing to follow the soft lianas to save energy.
We hacked through them for a few minutes then suddenly I heard a yell from up ahead and Grayson was getting lifted up into the air by the lianas as I rushed over to help him the lianas grabbed me and lifted me up to the top of some tall straight trees. Acting quickly Andrew grabbed me and tried to save me just as Sam went up as well. Strangely the man-eating trees weren't grabbing Leon and I realized that they were only going after us because we were hacking at them. Then suddenly I was fully in the tree. It was a strange sensation being slowly digested in a tree it seemed like time had stopped absolutely and then WHAM!!! we were spat out and flew down to the ground and landed next to Leon who looked pretty happy with himself.
Once we had got down Sam and Grayson we looked through these big brown cocoons that had bones and remainders of the trees previous meals. Then Leon yelled come over to one of the cocoons. So we ran over and he pulled out a three fingered hand with a thumb which had long bony fingers. It was quite a strange hand something that none of us had see before.

We spent a little longer looking and found a silver oval about as big as the hand which had strange mayan symbols on it and strangest of all at the top it had an indentation of the 3 fingered and thumbed hand we found in the other cocoon.
We headed back to the beach just in time to see the lost boys(Asser, Jordan and Marek) just arriving but we couldn't stick around and chat because we had planned beforehand to climb up the mountain closest to the beach. After some lunch we set off through the bush (keeping away from the alive lianas of course) towards the mountain. As we started to reach a slight incline a stream appeared out of nowhere and Andrew suggested that we walk in the stream to save having to go around loads of trees around the edges of the stream.
Suddenly the stream turned a greenish colour and a large cave mouth appeared at the top of the stream. The water around the cave mouth was the greenest that we had see so far, I guessed that the strange tint in the water was because of the uranium on the island. Me and sam waited outside the cave and Andrew, Grayson and Leon decided to go in. It was a very long wait we just sat there doing nothing until a large bang brought us back to our senses and three flying silver men came zooming out of the tunnel at first I was like "what the hang?" then I realized that it was probably the others and something had happened to them. As soon as they landed I walked up to them and asked them if they were the guys. It turns out that they found these chests in the cave and one of them had these three metallic watches and one of the nine buttons on it turns them into these strange "silver surfers".
We decided that there was hardly any time till nightfall so we cleared some small shrubs and made camp.

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