Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Night Seven

Night Seven
We set off for the ice cream just as night fell even though we all needed a rest we just couldn't wait a moment longer so we set off with the rest of the crew and planned to travel till we got there as we thought the ice cream would probably be nicer cold and not half melted at midday.
We followed a rough moas track that looked well used in hope of finding some meat to eat so we could have the energy to travel on through the long night ahead of us.
Then suddenly out of the bushes popped a large female ( don't ask ) Moa, probably just protecting its young I thought as i charged at it. Me Andrew Grayson and Leon tried to take out its legs while others tried to get a knife to its throat.
I struggled until it got a kick to my (well you know I wont say it cause this is a family story) and then I had to crawl over to the track and hope I wasn't needed.
The pain was excruciating and eventually after fighting for conciseness I passed out.

I dreamed of random psychedelic colours and weird swirls and woke in a fit with Andrew waking me and shoving nice hot meat down my throat and I realized it was the moa meat.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Day Seven

Day Seven
I woke at about ten to six but didn't mind because we went to sleep quite early.
Just as we were finishing breakfast we spotted a flying Ice-cream truck through the clouds and seeing as all we had eaten in days was boring muesli bars and stuff we all we ecstatic to have something nice to eat for once.
As we raced through the jungle I could see the ice-cream truck descending through the canopy of the jungle. Finally we broke through into a large clearing and there it was the ice-cream truck MMMMMMMmmmmmmmm yummy i thought.

Then I looked around and there was the rest of the class all waiting for ice-cream as well, as we waited we had a little catch up an then suddenly like flock of birds parting I was there at the front of the line and the "thing" (I didnt know what it was) was asking for my order, "i'll have triple choc chunk a orange choc chip and a cookies and cream" i said.
As I sat eating my Ice-cream Jordan Cumming came up to us (me, Grayson,James, Andrew, Mac, Leon, Maddy, Emma , Morgan, Malik, and Leah) and showed us this suit he had invented that lets us stay un-full forever and that he had found this neverending pool of ice-cream and that we will be able to eat forever.

I dont know about the others but I thought SWEET neverending ice-cream and so that was that we were going to eat ice-cream forever!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Night Six

Night Six
That night a lone wolf was howling at the moon all night luckily we were all a sleep because it was an unbearably loud noise but at the same time we missed out on the experience of seeing the beauty of the wolf.

Day Six

Day Six
As we burst out of the portal I realized it was earlier in the day than when we went in then I realized that we had probably come out of the portal the next day a bit earlier than when we went in. As we ran into the dense jungle we decided to head back to the waterfall were we set up camp the day before mostly because camp is still partly set up and because thats were the boys will probably turn up when they come back from their little expedition.

After a quick bite to eat we went back to doing what we did the day before just lounging around doing nothing or soaking up the sun on a sandy bank on the edge of a crystal clear pond slowly flowing along weaving its way through a tranquil jungle if native New Zealand bush and life.
It was late afternoon before Andrew, Grayson and Leon got back and they were tired so we all had a early night and I guess that I can speak for all of us when I say that it was silently appreciated as we were all tired but didn't want to show it.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Day Five

Day Five
When we woke up we decided to get moving again so headed down hill for a while until we reached a stream which wound up and in-between the two mountains. As we walked along the water started to rise and in the distance was the faint out line of a weird portal thing.
Andrew, Grayson and Leon decided to go and check it out while Me Maddy Emma Mac Malik and James decided to head off in another direction back into the forest, i guess the portal really freaked us out a little.
As we headed further and further into the forest although it was more like a jungle the wind really picked up so we sought refuge in a cave in the side of a cliff. Inside the cave we had a quick bit to eat and just as we were finishing lunch a random talking monkey came up to us and told us about a time machine that he wanted to show us. So we followed him down a tunnel from in the cave. after a while of walking we came to this strange shimmering silver thing that the monkey called his time machine.
We walked in and time started to go backwards and we watched our lives slowly rewind in front of us. know one wanted to see our whole lives so we tried desperately to get out but it didn't work we tried and tried until finally we burst through portal and sprinted as fast as we could out of the cave.

Night Four

Night Four
As usual there was not a star in the sky but that didnt worry me, nothing worried me it was like I was king of the world with nothing to worrie about.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Day Four

Day Four
I know you're probably getting tired of this and so am I but once again I was woken by Andrew vigorously shaking me backwards and forwards. I as a little groggy but I managed to get up and take a look around, we were still at the top of the mountain and in the Machu Picchu but all the girls were missing. We had a quick look around and were about to give up when Leon yells that he found something so we rush over and hes pointing at a hidden entrance to a temple behind some ferns. We looked inside and realized that somehow they had mutated into different things Morgan was a Pegasus and Maddy and Leah now have wings.
As we moved in to the temple I heard a yell from Andrew so I looked behind me and there was James and Emma its just that James was a big swamp monster (a weffler) and Emma was limp in his arms.

As we walked out to greet them I saw something glinting silver near the back of the temple. I quickly ran in and snatched up so that no one would notice my absence. I took a look at it once I was out with the others and it was one of those watches that Andrew, Grayson and Leon had found in the cave. I put it on but decided to wait till it was needed before I turned silver surfer.
After a few "hello's" and "how's it going?" James declares that Emma was sick and we needed to do anything we could to help her get back to full health. So Mac used both his and Sam's death skulls to try and bring her back to health. After a while Emma said she felt a little better but still wasnt 100 percent. We looked around for a while to try and find anything that could be used to help her recover. Unfolrtunatly our searches were fruitless.
We were going to travel down the mountain that day anyway but with Emma sick we needed to find something to help her quick.
After a while of silently trudging down the side of the mountain we stumbled accross a beatiful fresh water spring with a waterfall. We gave Emma some of the water from the spring and it healed her completely but she needed some rest so we decided to stay there for the night. We all had a good swim
under the crystal clear waterfall and a wash after everyone was out.
It was still only afternoon but we had nothing to do and we were all so tired so we just lazed around in the sun and some of us had a quick sleep.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Night Three

Night Three
I must of dozed off on the flight because once again Andrew was shaking me vigorously to try and wake me up "Deja vu" I though to myself as I almost smashed his face in once again. When I looked around I realized that loads of others from our class were there as well like Mac, Morgan, Maddy, Leah, Malik, Grayson and Leon. We took a look around the place and found a bush that had loads of small red berries on it. We handed them out and them suddenly I saw Leon collapsed and then Mac then Maddy the I collapsed and I guess all the others soon followed cause I didn't get waken up till morning.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


If you didn't already know this is what Matainui looks like in an artists impretion.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Day Three

Day Three
This morning I woke and Sam was no where to be seen. I thought that he had just gone for walk so I waited around for him to come back. After a while I realized that he would probably not come back seeing as it was already around about 9 o'clock (that's just an estimate judging by the place of the sun in the sky) so I made some breakfast and decided to go look around to see if I could find any clues about where Sam had gone. After a while I came upon a patch of grass that looked trampled so I followed it along for a while and came a imprint of a extremely small footprint and a mark that had to be Sam's face. I realized that they had come last night and I would have no hope of finding Sam at all but it didn't matter I had bigger problems to deal with than finding Sam I had to try and get to Andrew, Leon and Grayson up in the flying pyramid which had flown off when the sun had come up.
After I had had some breakfast I decided to go and see if there was anything else in the cave that they others had found the metallic watches that turned into silver invincible surfers. Once I got inside the cave the stream veered of to one side and only reappeared at the end of the cave where it opened out into a large cavern filled with dark murky water. I dived straight down into the dark murky depths of the water and tried to open my eyes to look around but I couldn't even see my hand in front of my face, so I had to feel around to find anything in the water. Eventually I came across a large wooden chest that had a large rusted lock on the front. Once I had cracked open the chest I looked inside and there was Thor the norse Gods hammer and a pendant that looked like the hammer.

I picked up the hammer or should I say tried to pick up the hammer but I couldn't it was to heavy all I managed to do was move it around about half a millimeter which I reckoned was quite an achievement considering how heavy it was. So instead I picked up the pendant and a strange power surged through me and I decided to try to pick up the hammer one more time and it was as light as a feather well it least it felt as light as one but it looked exactly the same just way lighter I couldn't believe it. So I fully griped the hammer and thought to myself "lets see what this baby can do," and slammed the hammer into the side of the cavern. The result was amazing, the side of the wall completely collapsed on it self and I had run out as quick as possible so I wouldn't be crushed, but even if I did get "crushed" I would probably be able to get out with my hammer and only be a little sore. once I got out I realised that I had nothing to do, so I decided to go for a nice refreshing swim in a little pool of water I found earlier.
After my short swim I decided to catch a few ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ's and get some rest while I wait for Andrew, Grayson and Leon to come and pick me up after they're trip to the flying pyramid.
I woke with a start as Andrew shook me back and forward to try and wake me up, and it worked, I almost whacked him with my hammer that's how freaked I was (I don't think it would of done much though seeing as he is invincible). Judging by the suns place in the sky I realise i'd had slept till 7 'oclock. I told on the flight back or should I say on the flight somewhere the events of the day and why Sam wasn't there when he came to pick us up.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Night Two

Night Two
Tonight just before we got to sleep Leon spotted a strange floating pyramid at the top of the mountain and seeing as they can fly all three of them flew up into the pyramid leaving me and Sam alone at camp. At first we just sat around the campfire silently gazing at the pyramid and occasionally look at the flickering flames in the fire. Then Sam broke the silence and announced that he was tired and I realized what a long day it had been and decided to go to sleep as well.

Day Two

Day 2
When I woke up I was still extremely tired and stiff from lying on the ground all night but I couldn't just sit around and do nothing. I had to get some food and start trying to make a fire. Once everyone was feed I realised that something was wrong with Andrew. He had strange suckers down his arms and had a octopi tentacle for a leg and I realized that he must have been mutated from sitting in uranium water for hours on end with a broken leg. this came as quite a shock to me seeing as i've never seen a half octopus half human before ever.
After a good breakfast of leftover lunch from yesterday we gathered our packs and headed off into the bush to go exploring. As we recklessly hacked our way through the jungle with our machetes Grayson in the front me second Sam third Andrew fourth and Leon last. After hacking through some hard dead lianas for a while we came across a group of alive soft one that we at least three times as easy to cut through than the dead ones, so after choosing to follow the soft lianas to save energy.
We hacked through them for a few minutes then suddenly I heard a yell from up ahead and Grayson was getting lifted up into the air by the lianas as I rushed over to help him the lianas grabbed me and lifted me up to the top of some tall straight trees. Acting quickly Andrew grabbed me and tried to save me just as Sam went up as well. Strangely the man-eating trees weren't grabbing Leon and I realized that they were only going after us because we were hacking at them. Then suddenly I was fully in the tree. It was a strange sensation being slowly digested in a tree it seemed like time had stopped absolutely and then WHAM!!! we were spat out and flew down to the ground and landed next to Leon who looked pretty happy with himself.
Once we had got down Sam and Grayson we looked through these big brown cocoons that had bones and remainders of the trees previous meals. Then Leon yelled come over to one of the cocoons. So we ran over and he pulled out a three fingered hand with a thumb which had long bony fingers. It was quite a strange hand something that none of us had see before.

We spent a little longer looking and found a silver oval about as big as the hand which had strange mayan symbols on it and strangest of all at the top it had an indentation of the 3 fingered and thumbed hand we found in the other cocoon.
We headed back to the beach just in time to see the lost boys(Asser, Jordan and Marek) just arriving but we couldn't stick around and chat because we had planned beforehand to climb up the mountain closest to the beach. After some lunch we set off through the bush (keeping away from the alive lianas of course) towards the mountain. As we started to reach a slight incline a stream appeared out of nowhere and Andrew suggested that we walk in the stream to save having to go around loads of trees around the edges of the stream.
Suddenly the stream turned a greenish colour and a large cave mouth appeared at the top of the stream. The water around the cave mouth was the greenest that we had see so far, I guessed that the strange tint in the water was because of the uranium on the island. Me and sam waited outside the cave and Andrew, Grayson and Leon decided to go in. It was a very long wait we just sat there doing nothing until a large bang brought us back to our senses and three flying silver men came zooming out of the tunnel at first I was like "what the hang?" then I realized that it was probably the others and something had happened to them. As soon as they landed I walked up to them and asked them if they were the guys. It turns out that they found these chests in the cave and one of them had these three metallic watches and one of the nine buttons on it turns them into these strange "silver surfers".
We decided that there was hardly any time till nightfall so we cleared some small shrubs and made camp.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Night One-First Night On Matainui

As darkness fell a ring of clouds formed roughly one hundred meters off shore. Trying to sleep was fruitless, we didn't have much shelter either so we were quite exposed to the weather. The rough ground was also a contributing factor to why I didn't sleep well, to make matters worse there was absolutely no light not even the stars were out that night.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Day One-Going To Matainui

Day One

Today we drove down to Kawhia harbor to catch our Grumman HU-16 Albatross sea plane to Matainui (our classes Matai Island).Everyone was very excited and nervous at the same time, especially Mr. Woody. As we boarded the plane we were told that our fellow student Samuel Brennan was going to be our pilot of the Grumman HU-16 Albatross. As soon as I heard this I went straight to the cockpit and said to Sam "you better not crash,"in reply to my comment he said " don't worry man, I'm the best man for the job," At first I didn't believe him but as I saw him fiddle with some the buttons and switches I realized that he probably was the best for the job and left the cockpit and returned to my seat.
At first I thought that the Grumman Albatross wouldn't make it out of the water let alone to the Matai Islands but eventually it got out of the choppy waters (although we couldn't tell till we were well above the water because of all of the spray).
As we got further out to sea a dark group Cumulonimbus Clouds that covered as far as the eye could see. As we headed in the noise of the engines slowly disappeared and all was silent, then suddenly everything went black (we could see inside thanks to the row of lights down each side of the cabin). Then everything started to float up like we were in space or dropping extremely fast. It was quite odd, floating in the cabin seeing people scream and yell but not actually hearing their pleas for it to stop or for their mummy. Then suddenly everything fell and the roar of the engines returned as we burst out of the clouds heading straight towards the ocean about 100 meters off the coast of Matainui. Just as I say to myself "well, at least it can't get any worse," Sam our pilot screams " I DIDN'T PASS MY TEST!". As I realized it was indefinite that we were going to hit the water I found myself grabbing my bag and scrambling towards the airlock so when we crash I can get out quickly.
When we crashed I heard a lot of screaming and yelling. There were also a few bags floating around me as I started to swim back to shore with my backpack. Once I got there I noticed that some people didn't have their bags and that some people weren't even on shore at all.
As we gathered together some of us noticed James, Mac and Malik Heading back out towards the ocean so we went over to see what they were doing. "What are you doing?" asked Andrew "were just going out to see if there is anything left to salvage from the plane," replied James. Just after they set off me Sam and Leon decided to go out and see if we could get anything as well.
By the time we got there James and Mac were already there and Mac was planing to go under and go in the hatch (because James had said that he thought that there must be an air bubble in the tail of the plane for it to be able to stay afloat). I was quite out of breath from swimming 100 meters against the tide so I was happy to let Mac go in first. After a while we were starting to think that Mac had drowned in the plane so Leon went down to see if he was okay. A couple of minutes later Mac came up and James hauled up the bag he came up with, the Leon just made it up and fell unconscious shortly after james and me hauled him up with his bag. As we propped him up against the plane on Grayson's bag that he got out of the plane just as James went down and came back up with a ripped parachute which had come out of its bag. Next I went down and got a parachute bag from on the inside wall of the plane. Seeing as I saw what had happened to James's parachute I made sure not to pull the ripcord. Just as I got out James and Mac started to swim back to shore with the bags that they had got. Sam was the last to go down so there wasn't much left only a parachute and and a bag which no one new who's it was so Sam grabbed a parachute and a swiss army knife from the bag in there.
Seeing as leon was only just gaining conscious so me and Sam had to swim back with him on Grayson's bag.
By the time we had got back the others were already asking what they had found in the plane and what they had taken. Then they asked us what we had got and we gave James and Mac a parachute because if we hadn't gone with them we wouldn't have got anything.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Return To Matainui-Preparation

Hi there this is G Gangster here to talk about our classes return to the Matai Islands.

In class we have been talking about returning to the Matai Islands( for further info. on the Matai Islands go to G Gangsters Sustainability blog) for two weeks and we are only allowed to keep the clothes on our back and ten items in a backpack (Not including a packed lunch). We are in groups for this experience, so in our group we have assigned different people to different jobs e.g. Hunting Equipment, Cooking Equipment, First Aid etcetera... The Island that we are going to is untouched by man so everything is as it would be as it was 250 years ago before James Cook first settled in New Zealand.

Here Is my list of ten Items that I would take (I was put in charge of Hunting Equipment).

1-2 liter Camelback

2-2 liter Camelback

3-Hunting Knife

4-Roll of Nylon String

5-Hatchet (small axe)

6-Survival Blanket/Tarpaulin



9-Fishing Tackle and Rod

10-Small gas bottle

Everyone is excited about their trip, yet at the same time a a bit nervous. We will be traveling in a Grumman Albatross sea plane, 1 week from now.

Will write soon.

- G Gangster