Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Day Five

Day Five
When we woke up we decided to get moving again so headed down hill for a while until we reached a stream which wound up and in-between the two mountains. As we walked along the water started to rise and in the distance was the faint out line of a weird portal thing.
Andrew, Grayson and Leon decided to go and check it out while Me Maddy Emma Mac Malik and James decided to head off in another direction back into the forest, i guess the portal really freaked us out a little.
As we headed further and further into the forest although it was more like a jungle the wind really picked up so we sought refuge in a cave in the side of a cliff. Inside the cave we had a quick bit to eat and just as we were finishing lunch a random talking monkey came up to us and told us about a time machine that he wanted to show us. So we followed him down a tunnel from in the cave. after a while of walking we came to this strange shimmering silver thing that the monkey called his time machine.
We walked in and time started to go backwards and we watched our lives slowly rewind in front of us. know one wanted to see our whole lives so we tried desperately to get out but it didn't work we tried and tried until finally we burst through portal and sprinted as fast as we could out of the cave.

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