Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Night Seven

Night Seven
We set off for the ice cream just as night fell even though we all needed a rest we just couldn't wait a moment longer so we set off with the rest of the crew and planned to travel till we got there as we thought the ice cream would probably be nicer cold and not half melted at midday.
We followed a rough moas track that looked well used in hope of finding some meat to eat so we could have the energy to travel on through the long night ahead of us.
Then suddenly out of the bushes popped a large female ( don't ask ) Moa, probably just protecting its young I thought as i charged at it. Me Andrew Grayson and Leon tried to take out its legs while others tried to get a knife to its throat.
I struggled until it got a kick to my (well you know I wont say it cause this is a family story) and then I had to crawl over to the track and hope I wasn't needed.
The pain was excruciating and eventually after fighting for conciseness I passed out.

I dreamed of random psychedelic colours and weird swirls and woke in a fit with Andrew waking me and shoving nice hot meat down my throat and I realized it was the moa meat.


  1. I enjoyed your concise description of your loss of consciousness ;-)

  2. this story is randomly AWESOME!