Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Day Seven

Day Seven
I woke at about ten to six but didn't mind because we went to sleep quite early.
Just as we were finishing breakfast we spotted a flying Ice-cream truck through the clouds and seeing as all we had eaten in days was boring muesli bars and stuff we all we ecstatic to have something nice to eat for once.
As we raced through the jungle I could see the ice-cream truck descending through the canopy of the jungle. Finally we broke through into a large clearing and there it was the ice-cream truck MMMMMMMmmmmmmmm yummy i thought.

Then I looked around and there was the rest of the class all waiting for ice-cream as well, as we waited we had a little catch up an then suddenly like flock of birds parting I was there at the front of the line and the "thing" (I didnt know what it was) was asking for my order, "i'll have triple choc chunk a orange choc chip and a cookies and cream" i said.
As I sat eating my Ice-cream Jordan Cumming came up to us (me, Grayson,James, Andrew, Mac, Leon, Maddy, Emma , Morgan, Malik, and Leah) and showed us this suit he had invented that lets us stay un-full forever and that he had found this neverending pool of ice-cream and that we will be able to eat forever.

I dont know about the others but I thought SWEET neverending ice-cream and so that was that we were going to eat ice-cream forever!

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